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Carri's House of Cabbies


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CPK Clothes for Sale
Here are some of my fave Cabbage Patch Kid sites:
The Second Chance Orphanage A place to adopt pre-loved kids
Kendra's Kids A great collectors site with an adoption page
Brenda's CPK Site  This site is full of free CPK graphics.  I love it!!
Terry Shopping Bag Here's where to find all those outfits and accessories, that you feel like you just can't find anywhere!!
The Fairy Godmother's Treasures Are your Cabbies sick, dirty, or need new hair?  This is an excellent re-root and repair site for you to check out.
Jennie's Cabbage Patch is a beautiful collection site, with an adoption room.
Tabby's Toy Lists- Cool toy description pages...oh, yeah, and what makes this a CPK related link is that there is a wicked awsome page on `Koosas!!
Shel's Cabbies- this is a great collector's site, with tons of pictures, of softies and most check it out!!
CPK Obsession is a great site with pictures and info, and some adoption pages.  It's very lovely.
Jennia's CPK Site- Cabbage Patch info site, and personal collection pics.  Also, there is an award you just might win!
The McLaughlin Patch- is a wonderful collector's site.  There is also CPK graphics.
Some Cool Non-Cabbie sites:
Singuya  Check out this local Massachusetts band...
The Truely Outragous Jem Dolls If you collect, like me, this site is a great place to learn about every edition!
Merry Muffin Land is a great site!! It tells you all about Mattel's Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls and all the accessories check it out and learn something about these lil cuties!
Rainbow is a very great site with '80 dolls desriptions and pictures, a forum, and much, much more.....

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