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Between 1983 and 1989, many factories were called upon to make kids and the clothes on them. All kids made in different factories tend to have there own physical differences from one another.  As a Newbie, you can also tell what factory your kid came from by looking at the side tag.  There you will find in the corner, a circled letter- that is the factory code.  I am unaware of which companies came first, but i will give you a list with as much detail as I know....

P (Perfectka) Factory-  one of the two that produced TWINS, and also the last Coleco factory to produce cabbies during the transitional times.  Unfortunally, alot of these kids had a vinyl formulation problem, that caused brown dots, when exposed to a moist area, to form on the face.  Us collector's called them POX.  Some people claim, that it was the powder scent in some of their head that caused them?!
OK Factory- I love these kids. The only problem with this one, is that some of the kids tend to be understuffed. Known well, for there beautiful, long popcorn haired girls.
UT Factory-  There was not to many kids that came from this factory, and they were spectaular kids, so it makes them pretty sought after by us collectors.
IC Factory- I am not quite sure how many subs there were in this factory, I have seen IC6, IC3, and IC1.  Alot of the cowgirl/boy are for here.  and freckled #1 kids.
PMI-  The only factory that produced the Lemon single braid girl.  Sadly, most of these kids ended up with POX.
KT- These kids tend to be short, and stocky bodied.  I like them a lot.  Although, some developed a green or grayish face, that tends to make them look sick....again, a possible problem in the vinyl.  I have three Koosas with KT bodies!
SS- makers of the "babies" and some of the later "preemies".  Earlier kids from this factory, more than likely got POX, but this problem was fixed later down the line.
WS- I believe this company made some boxed outfits, they also produced a good amount of the Bean-Butt Babies.
CC- This company made Circus Ponys, and Show Ponys.
SY- This company also produced Show Ponys, and I find that they tend to be about an inch or so taller then the CC ones. Some Koosas can be found with this tag also.
CANADA LTEE-  This factory produced boxed clothing and doll accessories.  I am not sure of it's origin.

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