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  These little cuties came out during the Transitional Period(1989) between Coleco and Hasbro.  I am still learning about these adorable babies.  They can be found with black or white skin tone, bald or with nylon tuffs.  However, the first batch to be produced is said to have been white girls with platium blonde nylon tuffs.
  But the cool thing is that they came with dis-appearing/reappearing liquid bottles, of either juice or milk color. Their heads are soft vinyl, so they can "sip" their bottles.  In addition, there is a soft air box in each of their tummys, that when squeezed, makes them burp!! 
  Here are the headmolds I have come across: #4, #6, #8, #21, and #47(made especially for this series.). Each came wearing a bunting, feeties pajamas, or romper with booties.  they came with a bottle, a bottle holding bib, and Birth Certificate and hangtag.  Here are some pics of my own.

#21AA girl with black nylon tuff. She has the button-on bib, acts as a bottle holder. OK FACTORY.

#47 girl with platinum nylon tuff, blue eyes

#18 baldy boy with blue eyes

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